Matters needing attention in the processing of interregional refund

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1. The reasons for returning are usually unshipment; the addressee is unknown and incorrect; the recipient does not collect the package in time; local imports are not allowed; fail to pass security inspection; label pasting is not qualified or damaged;
2. the refund should be completed within 5 working days after the refund is imported.
3. If it is not processed within 5 working days, the process state jumps to the expired state, and the expired state rejection can retain the processing time limit of 2 working days. If it is not processed within 2 working days, the rejection will jump to the expired state. The expired state is returned by default. Subsequent customers no longer accept processing advice;
4. If the International Operations Department can not deal with the rejection (the balance is insufficient, etc.), the customer should reply to the disposal opinion again within 5 working days. If the customer fails to process it within 5 working days, the withdrawal will be turned to the expired state. The expired state is returned by default. Subsequent customers no longer accept processing advice;
5. The type of rejection is Hong Kong small bag, Germany small bag, Switzerland small bag, Singapore small bag, 50 yuan / KG * weight (KG) refund fee, please ensure that the account balance is sufficient;
6. the operation Department will not handle the refund on Saturday. Customers submit their opinions from Monday to Friday within one working day (the afternoon submission may be delayed until the next day). The branch company is required to arrange a second day or third day connection with the branch office. Express return order number, please inquire in the details of the return order, return time should refer to the time limit of express mail;
7. if the revocation needs to be withdrawn and reprocessed, please contact customer service as soon as possible.
8. the refund is made for the disposal of discarded parts, and the charge standard for the destruction fee is 1 yuan /KG. If there is a need for unpacking inspection, the charge standard for unpacking inspection fee is 5RMB/. The space resources, the insurance in the warehouse and the Item resources are deducted according to the qualified quantity of the returned parts. For warehousing returns exceeding 2KG, the excess part needs to be 1RMB/KG and 1KG less than 1KG. The above charges will be automatically deducted from the system.