International logistics is exported abroad. Why should goods be transferred in Hongkong?

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Everyone knows that no tariff is required when goods enter Hongkong. Because Hongkong is a free trade city, general international logistics will choose to transit in Hongkong. Secondly, some products can be transported to Hongkong by air, but they can not be transported to China by air. China needs import licences, but Hongkong does not need import licences, such as cosmetics and decorations. In addition, in Hongkong, not only simple procedures, but also tax cuts, customs clearance fees, no VAT.
Abstract: the benefits of transit in Hongkong:
1, easy to operate
From Hongkong to Shenzhen, most people use express goods to declare customs. They need not worry about the formalities of cargo from abroad to Hongkong. Most of them are in the form of express statements. They are also handled by our logistics platform, which is simple and without malfunction.
2, reduce costs.
The best free trade port in the world is Hongkong. For the 19 consecutive year, he won the honorary title of "the world's best free economy". Hongkong will not interfere with the entry of international logistics commodities, nor will it impose tariffs. Warehouse, so most international logistics will choose to transit in Hongkong.
3, fast
The program is simple, and it will save a lot of time, and the speed of logistics is fast. In addition, Hongkong to Shenzhen customs clearance, the basic day will pass, time will be saved, of course, the speed will certainly be faster.
4, safety
Compared with the domestic customs, Hong Kong Customs will not seize goods, from Hong Kong to Shenzhen Express seizure possibility is even zero. It is safer than directly importing into the country.
Because of this, most international logistics platforms will choose to transit in Hong Kong, saving time and money, which is also convenient for customers to deliver at the fastest speed.