What is Amazon FBA, and Amazon FBA's common operating process knowledge

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FBA is the abbreviation and abbreviation of FulfillmentbyAmazon. Amazon's generation shipping service is simply understood.
"Completed by Amazon" or "shipped by Amazon", which is provided by Amazon warehouse. What are the common problems of Amazon FBA?
What are the common problems and how do we solve them?
1. shipped to Amazon, but forgot to put the box label on the box. How to solve it? Will it affect the accounts?
It is impossible to enter the warehouse without the outer box label. Normally, the address of the lower outer box label should be checked. According to the reason, the forwarder will help to check the outer box label and address normally, and some of the labels that should be affixed are not complete without the outer box label. You need to contact your forwarder first, can you call the stop subsidy? You can do it later, or you can only contact an overseas warehouse to help label it after you arrive at your destination. Amazon won't accept it if it doesn't have an outside box label. Accounts are generally not affected, only your goods will be affected.
2. an account is limited. There are still a lot of goods in FBA. How do we deal with them? If you use another number to sell, then change the goods, how do you change it? Amazon has a label service. Can I contact Amazon Customer Service and ask them to change directly to another label? Will this be related?
A. If you plan to use another account to follow up the sale, you can log in to the previously restricted account after the order is issued and try sending it to the order address with the sale account by Remove order, but there is still a risk associated with it.
B. If you plan to use Amazon's subscription exchange service, we do not recommend this because the subscription exchange itself is an official operation of Amazon, and it is easy to judge the association.
C. We recommend that the goods be moved to overseas warehouses, exchanged through overseas warehouses, and then shipped to Amazon FBA warehouses.
3. send the goods to the Amazon warehouse. Can the landing place on the outer box label of FBA be printed on the label? If it is, can it be changed after the shipment is completed?
The place of departure will appear on the label, which is automatically generated by Amazon system. If the shipment has been created, the labels are generated and cannot be changed.
4. (1) is it possible to use FNSKU in barcode? (2) After printing out the barcode, in Amazon's backstage scan & Label, I can't scan the relevant listing with scan * 3) When I scan * before scanning the FBA tag, I can display the FNSKU value in Excel, but now the scan shows the incomplete FNSKU value. Is it a question of scanning?
(1) use FNSKU.
(2) According to your third point description, show the incomplete FNSKU, indicating that your bar code or * has a problem, then naturally there will be a second point, can not sweep the relevant listing;
(3) it is very likely that your bar code is defective. The probability is that your printing paper or printer is abnormal. Rather than scanning the problem.
5. Two Amazon accounts, the factory shipment, the outer box label misplaced into another account product sticker, how to do? Will it be related?
(1) if you haven't already entered the warehouse, let the freight forwarder help you to re label and store it again.
(2) If your label is a product with another account, it is likely that Amazon will detect it when it stores it, and there is a risk associated with it.
6. New merchandise ready to issue FBA, found this problem, in the main site search FBA tag ASIN code search can not find anything, but in the back-end inventory list search that ASIN code display is my product, why?
FBA's product ASIN and FNSKU, like you choose the label is not Amazon tag, in the background settings to modify it, FBA label is FNSKU
7., keep bar code with FNSKU, the bottom name and NEW logo are removed. Is this a smooth entry?
Under normal circumstances, bar code and FNSKU are all right. Add headlines and other information for better identification.
8. When printing the product label, the system prompts "Please use the new FBA product label to cover the existing standard bar code (UPC ISBN EAN)" How do you operate this?
Some time ago completed the brand filing, after the success of the filing to modify the key attributes of the previous listing, UPC can not fill in.
9. There are four small boxes in a big box (containing four different products). Will you stick the labels of these four small boxes on the four small boxes separately or will you stick all the four labels on the big box?
There are two kinds of labels, one is a product label attached to the outside of each product, and one is an outside box label attached to the outermost box, which Amazon can scan without opening the box.
Four small boxes are not only four products, four SKUs, if so, then paste SKU bar code, FBA bar code outside the box?
10. The company used ASIN to make the bar code, then asked Amazon customer service that the best use of FNSKU, now want to ask if it is OK to use EAN to print the bar code?
You use FNSKU bar code is good, the background can be directly printed, do not tangle in the use of EAN, FNSKU code directly, the most standard.
11, dear friends, there is a product out of stock, anxious at the same time let the supplier directly to the logistics, but suddenly reacted to the product label has not been affixed, how to do?
Can Amazon help paste now? When you create a shipment, you usually have a choice. Maybe you didn't notice it. If you choose your own label by default, but it's not posted in the past, and Amazon probably won't help, so I suggest you