The difference between EMS international package and international express

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At present, more and more sellers are engaged in international e-commerce in China. At the same time, the weight of international parcels and express delivery is becoming more and more obvious. Zhongxun International Logistics has made a distinction and analysis between international express delivery and international postal parcels.
Essential difference
The fundamental difference between the international express service and the international parcel service is that they belong to different social service products: a surname public (public goods provided by the society) and a surname private (private goods provided by the merchants).
International Express (DHL, UPS, FEDEX) is developed with the development of e-commerce, customarily we call it a commercial express, can be understood as a merchant's express, its characteristics are fast, mail the world usually only 3-5 working days;
The international package service is essentially belonging to the Universal Postal Union. It is a business that serves the people conveniently without any commercial nature. The probability of customs clearance abroad is almost zero.
The difference between international express and post international package aging
International express is commercial in nature, and the sender and sender both have high requirements for the package. International express is often the first choice for sending international urgent letters, urgent documents, and urgent samples. The time limit is usually 3-5 working days.
Postal international parcels are less time-limited than international commercial express delivery. The time limit is usually about 15-25 working days, express delivery is usually 7-10 working days, and chronic delivery is usually 2-3 months.
The difference between the two prices
Because of its fast timeliness and high quality of service, international commercial express is very convenient to track and query. It can control the package dynamics at all times and provide convenient service of "door to door" and "table to table". Therefore, the price is much more expensive than the postal parcel.
The international package price is cheaper than the commercial express delivery, and its service quality is lower than the international express delivery. The tracking is not convenient and the tracking accuracy is not as high as the international express delivery. But its price is cheap, or is favored by many international e-commerce sellers and ordinary ordinary people.
Customs clearance
International parcel express delivery is a non-commercial express delivery, and the postal service in all countries in the world is a state-owned unit, the postal service is protected by national laws. Customs and postal services in various countries have the privilege of priority, and their customs clearance capacity is far higher than that of commercial express delivery, and the probability of producing tariffs is zero.
Commercial international express is commercial, the probability of producing tariffs is relatively high, and the probability of knocking is much higher than that of postal.